In the sculpture interventions that I have been conducting since 2004 I create sculptural portraits of the places where the pieces are embedded. These constructions are executed through actions of a symbolic and ritual nature. Their proportions and matter act as receptacles and references prompting an empathic relationship to the environment they inhabit. 

The Art Works are considered from an ecological-patrimonial point of view, with a specific focus on the idea of sustainability. The ecological focus entails an awareness of the frailty of the natural environment and the delicate biological balances it is made of. The patrimonial vision suggests a conscience of the global identity of a particular scenery, understood as a subject (not an object), with its own characteristics, not only biological and ecosystemic, but also historical, social, political and aesthetic. 
These imagos, are put together with the idea of not remaining, in dialog with the changes generated by various transformative agents: the people and the institutions, of course, but also the seasonal process, vegetation growth, animal behavior, erosion and the very course of time. Thus they are made of materials that will evolve and transform over time, destined to fully incorporate themselves into the landscape and disappear.

The interventions usually happen in the three stages: first, a research and archiving process; then the sculping action, which is the actual crafting of the art piece; and finally, a third and open phase, which is the documenting of the piece´s presence over time, for as long as it lives in that space.

This evidence-gathering work after installation involves any person who makes themselves present on-site and observes the piece. Anyone can take a picture documenting the status of the piece at the moment she or her saw it, and then upload the image, mentioning the date of the shooting, to a dedicated platform on Instagram, that is linkend to the social networks or website of the of place or event, as  well as to the artist´s web email.

Upon the piece disappearance, on top of the photographic archive, it is possible to retrieve some fragment, which are kept as evidence and proof of what the intervention was. See the Recent Archaeogies section.

Documentation and collaborators: