Joaquín Jara
Barcelona, 1977

Joaquín Jara is an environmentalist sculptor. His whole work coalesces towards one sole purpose:

understand the process of creation and disintegration of a portrait.

During the procedures that shape creation, there is a dialog between matter (the one used to build), intention (the aesthetic proposal), space (in which the expression happens) and time (the agent of transformation).

That dialog is a performance in itself, because of the unexpected events that happen upon experiencing the creative action and, then, the artwork itself; thought is superseded by perception, and the image of the world that is perceived without thinking act as a revelation.

The sculpture- the portrait- is shown as an object swayed by internal and external forces, of its awn account and coming from the surrounding environment, all the same during its creation as along its disintegration process into the landscape.

It is a manifestation of the subject´s own processes, and appears as an instant embedded into a sequence of images in permanent transformation. An image without possible conclusion, for it resides in instability.