vertical construction 02 /Portbou

Portbou, Spain.

Start : August 28, 2010/ End: January 25, 2015.


This piece is part of the intervention series Construcción vertical, in which the earth is taken as mold for crafting the pieces.

It’s crafting was a three-day process, within the Surpas Festival, and it was installed on August 28th on the marine promenade of Portbou, off the cemetery and the Dani Karavan’s memorial to Walter Benjamin, which faces the Spanish French border.

The proposal was related to various contents that constitute Portbou’s identity: the relationship between the geographic location of the village and the historic tensions that have characterized the place, with the tragic death of Walter Benjamin, trapped at the Portbou border between the Nazi occupation and the fascists Spanish troops, on September 26, 1940.


Erosion from the easterly wind, vandalism alterations and the passing of time itself gradually modified the intervention. In late December 2011, without an official decision or notification, the intervention was dismantled.


In January 25, 2015, the intervention was gaveled to an end by the act of leaving a text from Stéphane Mallarmé in the stone wall where the intervention was originally located.  


                                                    RIEN N’AURA EU LIEU QUE LE LIEU

                                                                          Stéphane Mallarmé.