construcción vertical 03 /L´animal a l´esquena

Part of the intervention series Vertical Construct, in which the ground dirt is used al mold for crafting the piece.


Creative Center L’animal a L’esquena. Mas Espolla, Celrà, Girona. Spain.

Start: March 20, 2012. Ongoing.


The Construcción vertical / L’animal a L’esquena project was carried out during two successive residencies in the Creative Center of the Mal Pelo art collective.


First Stage/ Spring : March 20-25, 2012

After putting together a documentation archive of the place, followed the creation of a series of Sketches displayed across the landscape, that were later shown to people that are closely tied to this territory.

They shared their impressions and reactions during a roundtable intended to set the conceptual foundation for the next stage, which would be the crafting of the sculpture intervention in itself.


Second Stage/ Summer : September 7-12, 2014

After reflecting on the materials compiled during the first stage, the building of this intervention was designed based on a three-point dialectic : 1/ the materials and motives of the literary and aesthetic universe of the art collective Mal Pelo; 2/ the actual results of the territory; and 3/ the premise of the intervention series Vertical Construct.


The intervention was given the value of a symbolic ritual, in which the relationship between actions and materials help change the perception of time and space. The sculpting design was made of three molds of plaster, fabric and clay, overlapped to create the imago. The first mold was taken from a trench dug in the forest. The second, was an imprint of María Muñoz making the recurrent gesture of Pep Ramis (take one’s own pulse). And the third was taken from an animal killed by hunter on the day the sculptor went along with them: a wild boar.

The resulting pieces was buried in horizontal position, with plants and seeds, for one full day and one full night. It took a 20-people team from L’animal a L’esquena to shift the piece from this horizontal laying position to its definitive vertical standing position. The piece was left standing there, as an impermanent monument, on September 12, 2014.