The Landscape Skin. French Institute of Valencia.

Auditorium. Tuesday 02/06.20 h. 2015

A dialog between theory and aesthetic thinking as part of the invetigation-action project Sensitive Catographies. With Joaquín Jara (Plastic artist), Rosa Rodríguez (textile artist) and Eugenia García Sottile (curator).

Joaquín Jara, Rosa Rodríguez and Eugenia García Sottile share a conversation-action in wich they will string together the concepts of space, perception, time and matter. The idea of this proposal is to think about the convergence of art and nature as an experience which is (always) active, that comes from our responsability with the enviroment. The search for aesthetics or the plastic action do not belong in nature. With this dialog, we want to remind and repeat that the specificity of interventions on natural environment is about listening. Concept, action and matter come together to create perceptions: How do we perceive the city and what surrounds it? Wich analogies can we recognize and experiment between our own skin and the surface of our environment?

This conversation will be linked with the exhibition by Joaquín Jara and Rosa Rodríguez "Rostro paisaje" (Face landscape). curated by Eugenia García Sottile. Which will take from the 4th to the 27th  June in the Cultural Center "Octubre, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea" with the collaboration of tne French Institute.