“Face Landscape”. Octubre Contemporary Culture Center, Valencia.

Exhibition "rostro paisaje", by Joaquín Jara and Rosa Rodríguez/ Octubre. Centro de Cultura Contemporánea, Valencia.

Curator: Eugenia García Sottile.

From the 4th June to the 30th August 2015.


To transform our gesture into form. To leave a trail. Many times we perceive space as something exterior, as a scenery or blank document we can go through leaving our waste as if we simply had the right to do so. We very rarely consider our path crossing a space as an invasion. But why we cannot see the creation as a construction of perceptions instead of material things? To reach elements through sedimentation. To reach the form instead of throwing it into the space.

The interventions in natural spaces created by Rosa Rodríguez and Joaquín Jara contain a profund listening of the times of matter. This is the reason why even though their works stay in place as things, only in some fragments one can recognize the density of the space where they took shape over time. There is more than one maker in these works, there are many. The "Ductus" is not imposet by the hands, the installation of the piece in space is rather an affective conversation in which the phrase initiated by the artist gesture is continued by the elements, the other beings. Materials go through an inverse process of transformation; they are matter given back ti its enviorement. In a descriptive language, we could say they decay, with a more poetic approach, we can say the descend.

In the open field it is impossible to create a soliloquy.