Bridge between Mangroves

A bridge between mangroves

National Park of Los Haitises. Dominican Republic.

Start : September 13, 2017/ End unknown.


The sculpting action was intended to link two mangroves: one, previously declared National Natural Park and subsequently destroyed to build a resort in Punta Cana, and the other located in the current National Park of Los Haitises.

Debris of the formworks and scaffoldings from the construction of the new resort were gathered, and put together with some ID photos found in the premises, a bundle of Dominican pesos y one of euros, some coins, and organic matter taken on site, vegetal and animal but also from the workers and tourists of the resort.

The resulting paste, to which we added a clay face, was installed inside the mangrove within the NP of Los Haitises. In time, all of it would end up buried under the mud.

A week after the intervention, hurricane Irma hit Dominican territory.