Central Ruin/ Portrait of Taalintehdas


Norpas Festival. 2017. Kimitoön Island. Finland.

August 8th, 2017/ Ongoing.


This piece was created as part of the Norpas Festival, for Dalsbruk/Taalintehdas, a village located on Kimitoön Island, which is the biggest of the Finish archipelago.

The design was an articulate sculpture, made out of remains and pieces of local trees, shaped into an anthropomorphic figure, with some of the limbs left in their natural branch form.

The piece was left floating as a singular archipelago, anchored at the center of a pond located in the heart of the village. The artificial pond was built along with the iron factory that prompted the foundation of the village. The factory, which was dismantled and relocated outside of the village in the mid-20th Century, left behind some ruins which became an open-air museum, with a green space where nature has taken back its former territory.


In the imago Central Ruin/Portrait of Taalintehdas, the tree wood is made into a body, the pond into a mirror.