IAUNA TRINA/ Portrait of Jerusalem.

Project carried out for ArtBnB Jerusalem. 

Sculpture Intervention / 9-21 December 2018.

Iauna Trina consists in three sculptures, each tied to a big rock. They are made with materials extracted from the forest, the desert and the Dead Sea, referencing those three environments as well as the three religions that cohabit in the city of Jerusalem.

The intervention is located in a corner, right by the Muslim cemetery, the Independence park and the consulate of the United States, in the Hamiffall neighborhood, which was the first to be build outside of the old town walls.

Each sculpture is built to stand longer than the one before her; they are indeed gradually resistant to the passing of time and erosion. Only the rocks are permanent.

The ensemble figures a three-entrance-door, and the space in between is narrow enough to only allow the crossing of one person at a time.